Tax Free Savings Plans – (last updated 25 February, 2013)

At the present time we are only aware of one tax free savings plan, on which it is practicable for us to make a cost-saving offer. This is not a recommendation of the plan mentioned below, nor is it a criticism of other tax free savings plans.

This list must be read in conjunction with: How to invest, Investment warnings

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Tax Free Savings Plan

We will send £25 Marks & Spencers vouchers after receipt of commission from the Friendly Society, and after the end of the cancellation period.

Our discounts shown may change, and could increase or decrease should any of the following happen –

  • Special offers from investment companies may end
  • Investment companies may change their charges, their funds, the amount of commission payable or their charging structures
  • Power Robbins may change their terms.

Please call us on 0800 032 5433 to check current discounts before applying.