About our service

Power Robbins is a firm of independent financial advisers founded in 1964. Since 1992, we have been giving generous discounts or enhancements to investors who are happy to choose their own investments and financial planning products. We now offer very competitive rates on the new clean share classes within fund markets. Our execution only clients do not require any advice on either the suitability or the merits of any particular investment, either now or in the future, and it is assumed that our clients understand and accept the risks associated with any investment transacted through us. If you have any doubts about the suitability of any investment, you should seek independent financial advice elsewhere. You are free at any time to move to an advisory service with another agent should your requirements change.

We offer a straight forward discount service without any advice or hype. We aim to give a friendly and efficient service when placing your investments through us together with market leading discounts.

How can Power Robbins save me money?

It’s simple, just ask us for the form with the company of your choice, confirming the product eg. ISA on 0800 032 5433 and return this with our investment agreement and your cheque payable to the investment company/fund manager. We will always send everything to you first class and any questions, please ask our friendly staff. Our offers come from commission sacrifice where possible, and depend upon commission levels staying as they are. In some cases our offers also contain special concessions negotiated for our clients with investment managers. Wherever possible we apply our discount directly into your investment. If commission cannot be applied straight into your investment we send you a cashback cheque instead, usually 6 to 8 weeks after you have invested. Following RDR (Retail Distribution Review) some products, especially Fund Markets now do not contain commission as standard as you can only buy the new clean share class or commission free or unbundled shares. In this case we charge a servicing fee of just 0.1% to 0.2% (max) per annum and details will be included in the information sent to you and very clearly defined. Any questions please ask. For much higher value portfolios we can arrange a discount on this figure so please contact us for our best possible rate.

We also have full information on our competitive servicing charge for the following:


We can also offer:


* since RDR very few insurance/investment companies allow the sale of investment bonds on execution only
please check with us for individual companies to see if we can help by offer competitive discounts as before.
Please be aware that if you do direct to the company concerned they will `charge’ to sell you a bond post RDR.

Our discount lists are lists of money saving offers, and should not be taken as anything else. Inclusion on our lists should not be taken as a recommendation, nor is omission from our lists a criticism. Some companies have chosen not to offer products like investment bonds through execution only brokers – please contact us for more detail.

How to invest

You are strongly advised to read the investment company’s literature and key features / simplified prospectus, sent to you with the application for any investment you are considering. Please ensure that post RDR and also 6th April that the investment product that you are used to, has not changed.

We would also like to draw your attention to the investment warnings & our terms and conditions.

Our discount lists tell you how to obtain the literature and key features for the investment(s) you are considering. If the investment company’s telephone number and/or website address is shown, please obtain the literature direct as we do not hold it for other investments or if you are having difficulties please contact our friendly staff.

If you have had our discount information for some time, please contact us to check on the current discount.

We suggest you get your application to us at least 2 working days before offers end, to allow for the post between ourselves and the investment company (longer when there are postal delays, eg. Christmas).

Investment cheques must be payable to the insurance / investment company, not to Power Robbins.

Application forms and investment cheques must be sent via Power Robbins to obtain our discounts:-
Power Robbins, FREEPOST, Fileturn House, Church Road, Bookham, LEATHERHEAD, KT23 3BR

We only accept applications from

  • UK residents with payments made from
  • UK (not offshore) own personal bank accounts.

Check List


  • Our blue Investment Agreement, signed & dated by you (and joint investor)
  • Investment company’s application form completed, signed and dated
  • The investment cheque from the investor’s own (or joint) personal, non-trading, UK bank account (not offshore), payable to the investment company.
  • DIRECT DEBITS – Please enclose an ORIGINAL statement from the account used, dated within the last 3 months SHOWING YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS, to prove that the monies used come from your own (or joint) personal, non-trading, UK bank or building society account. The statement will be returned to you promptly.

We process and forward applications to the investment company promptly, provided we have received a completed and signed application form, cheque (if applicable) together with our investment agreement form.

Prevention of Money Laundering requirements – our obligation to verify the identity and address of each investor before sending investments will normally be carried out electronically using an external reference agency.  We will, however, request documentary evidence from investors when the required evidence is not available electronically.

We will send you confirmation that your application has been forwarded, together with a copy of your application form.   If your investment has not been forwarded we will return it promptly confirming the reason why.

We ask investment companies to send documentation regarding your investments direct to you.

We do our best to check all applications, but we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by incorrectly completed documentation / forms.

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Please ensure you read our full terms and conditions, as well as those for your investment and read our leaflet `about our service’ to ensure you enclose the right information including our signed investment agreement.  Please ask us to send you all the relevant information for your investment and our general investor pack. Power Robbins have no hidden charges or penalties of any kind and you are always free to seek professional advice elsewhere should you need it.  We cannot accept any liability for links to external websites, please read our website terms and conditions.  E&OE