ISA’s, ISA transfers, Cash ISA transfers, inheritable ISA’s and investment or non ISA funds (not fundmarkets)


We aim to provide the best level of discounts for our clients who do not require advice and are happy to use our execution only service when investing direct with fund managers for ISA and non ISA funds.

If there is a company or product you are interested in which is not listed, please contact us on 0800 032 5433 and ask our friendly staff if we can help save you money.

In most cases we take no initial commission and therefore discount most or all of the initial charge and then we simply receive a share of the standard AMC (Annual Management Charge) paid by the fund manager (not you).

As an example if you were to invest with a fund manager with a 5% initial charge and we had a 5% discount for you – you would invest at no initial charge so for every £10,000 invested you would receive a contract note for £10,000 of units.

Please call us for the full information from both the fund managers and ourselves showing the discount we can offer – this is a full no obligation service at all times and will be posted to you within 24 hours.

You will not pay more by using our service on execution only direct ISA fund purchases, in fact you will receive a much better discount. If you do not getter a better deal by going through us we will tell you and send you direct to the fund manager – this is often the case for investment trusts (not to be confused with unit trusts)

If you cannot find the information you need on this page, please contact us. Please also visit our Aegon and Fidelity platform services.

Literature is available by contacting Power Robbins.

Please ensure you read our full terms and conditions, as well as those for your investment and read our leaflet `about our service’ to ensure you enclose the right information including our signed investment agreement.  Please ask us to send you all the relevant information for your investment and our general investor pack. Power Robbins have no hidden charges or penalties of any kind and you are always free to seek professional advice elsewhere should you need it.  We cannot accept any liability for links to external websites, please read our website terms and conditions.  E&OE