For our existing Fidelity customers


Fidelity is a leading platform (or fund market) who, like other fund markets, provides the ability for you to spread your fund choice in your ISA or non ISA investments between a large number of funds from different fund managers all under one roof. You will have one overall statement covering all of your investments with Fidelity as Fidelity become your plan manager and offer over 3,030. Fidelity also offers a range of Shares and investment trusts.

Following the FCA’s Retail Distribution Review all funds bought through a platform have to be in the new clean share classes. That means two things; first for purchases – these are made at no initial charge. Secondly the old `annual management charge (AMC)’ with the fund manager is now broken down into 3 charges and commission in the form of fund based renewal no longer exists and is replaced with an agents servicing charge. We believe we offer the highest level of service at the lowest price.

Let us break this down for you, but in providing detailed information this may appear complicated – please contact us with any questions:-
Fund managers annual management charge (lower than before) – on average around 0.75% per annum (approximate guide only – see literature for exact costs). In actual money terms for every £1,000 invested, if the fund managers charge were 0.75% that equates to £7.50.

Plan managers (Fidelity) platform charge (a maximum of 0.25% per annum). In actual money terms for every £1,000 invested, this would £2.50. Plus a £45 per annum charge paid twice a year at £22.50.

Our servicing charge (0.1% to 0.2% per annum depending on accounts size and servicing requirements). Again, in actual money terms for every £1,000 invested this would be £1.00 to £2.00.

For larger investments please phone us for our most competitive rate.

The fund managers charge is deducted as normal by the fund manager, the Platform charge and our servicing charge is deducted monthly. You can pay this in varying ways – by deduction from your highest value fund, by nominating a specific fund or by introducing cash into your Fidelity cash manager account and paying the charges directly.

Anything you do not understand please contact our friendly staff on 0800 032 5433 and we can send you a FULL information pack – with no obligation at all.

Please also see:-

How does Fidelity protect my investments

ISA/ Non-ISA key features

Key Investor Information Document and fund list (please click on the relevant fund for KIID)

Terms and Conditions

If you request a full pack from us this will all be included.


Once you have set up your account through Power Robbins with Fidelity, you can register to access your account via the Fidelity website. You may view valuations, transaction histories, correspondence and you are also able to switch and buy funds online.

We are always happy to help you at any stage of your registration and provide you with ongoing administration support.


From £100.00 per fund into any platform product.


You can invest regular savings in ISA’s and direct Investments from £25.00 per month PER FUND (minimum £50 per application).


New clean or `commission free’ share class tiered charging structure

Platform charge

Fidelity Platform Charge (CPC) 0.25% £45 pa

Other charges

Fund Manager (AMC) Power Robbins (PRC)
Varies% 0.1% to 0.2% *


There is little we won’t do for you, except we won’t give advice. We will, however, help you achieve your goals in terms of administration support and do not charge any extra and we also provide this help for your beneficiaries in the future.

You will receive valuations and correspondence on your account from Fidelity but should this not be enough, then we happily provide the following services, at your request:-

  • Send to you an application form (if you prefer us to enter your investment online), KIID’s, Terms and conditions, etc
  • Provide fund information/fact sheets
  • Process new investments online on receipt of a form
  • Send any copy correspondence
  • Send valuations by post (including backdated valuations)
  • Send transaction histories by post
  • Assistance with any queries on your account
  • Help and support where needed on our Freephone number 0800 032 5433

Our servicing standards provide our customers with both full online functions with support but also we continue to offer paper based applications and services at no extra charge. If you feel you need additional services, please contact us and we will do our best to oblige. For this service our charge is 0.2% per annum.

If you do not need any of the above and wish to purely transact online through our agency (after the initial paper application to set up your account) then our servicing charge can be reduced to 0.1% per annum.


This service is an execution only, non advisory service for clients who do not require or need advice either now or in the future – if you are not sure, please seek professional advice.


Fund switches themselves are free (you will continue to pay the fund manager, platform and service charge)


You can consolidate your investments with fund managers directly by transferring your existing ISA (including PEP) investments into an ISA with Fidelity. You will receive one consolidated valuation statement. This can often be done by re-registration, see notes below. This allows you to switch between all the fund managers on platform with no exclusions as long as the funds remain open to new investment.


Re-registration is a way of moving units you already hold outside of Fidelity in an ISA under the fund market umbrella, thereby offering you greater future flexibility should you require this. The process of re-registration means that you can move these units without the difficulties of buying and selling the units and leaving yourself open to market movements. Please be aware that old style commission included units will be `converted’ to the new clean share class on platform.

Finally – re-registration from other fund markets is now more straight forward, please contact us with details.


  • Request a Fidelity pack including key features, application form. This will also include our full information, key features, terms and charges.
  • Complete the application form and make your cheque payable to Fidelity. Future investments can be done online by yourself through the Fidelity website or continue in paper form for us to enter online if you prefer.
  • Complete and sign our investment agreement and return both this and the form to our freepost address above



Please ensure you read our full terms and conditions, as well as those for your investment and read our leaflet `about our service’ to ensure you enclose the right information including our signed investment agreement.  Please ask us to send you all the relevant information for your investment and our general investor pack. Power Robbins have no hidden charges or penalties of any kind and you are always free to seek professional advice elsewhere should you need it.  We cannot accept any liability for links to external websites, please read our website terms and conditions.  E&OE