Power Robbins provide a very competitive, efficient, prompt and personal service at all times alongside market leading discounts. Our background as financial advisers means we have an excellent grounding and understanding of what our clients want.

Our discounts along with our excellent service means the execution only service has grown over the years helping investors get the most from their money. We now have over 30,000 customers who rely on us to get the best deal. Our customers also have ongoing support when needed from friendly efficient staff.

Our Key Staff

Paul Power

Paul Power is our senior partner and a financial adviser with over 45 years experience.  

Paul became a sole trading independent financial adviser in 1980. He purchased Power Robbins in 1985, and started the execution only service when he listened to his client’s needs.

Carol Browning

Carol is a partner and responsible for the day to day running of the office, services and administration we offer. Carol has over 30 years industry experience with independent financial advisers at a senior level and started with Power Robbins in 1999. Carol is always ready to step in should you have any difficulty in understanding our services or require any extra help with your investment as long as you don’t require advice.

Liam Browning

Liam is our Administration Manager, who handles the majority of our enquiries in the first instance. Liam started with Power Robbins in 2010 and continues to support our clients with all aspects of our service.


We have excellent administrators, some of whom have worked for us for over 10 years to ensure our levels of customer service remain at a high level.

Why are we different?

We have high levels of customer service without the increased costs. Many companies reduce their level of service or ask customers to pay for it, we are the opposite. We will always provide a high level of service on execution only, with very competitive discounts. As long as you don’t need advice, there’s little we won’t do to help obtain the information you need to manage your own investments.

We have 25 years of experience in execution only, and we are continually updating our bespoke software to improve workflow efficiently whilst keeping our level of service.
We have NO hidden agenda or costs, everything is clear and upfront. We will always tell you how we are getting paid and you are very welcome to ring and ask our staff this before you invest.

Are there any penalties or contract terms?

No .We don’t make any charges to join or leave us. We do not charge admin fees to write letters, send copy correspondence or copy valuations. You are free to use our service for as long as you need, as long as you are execution only. If, for example, in the future you decide to seek advice, you are free to change to another broker/agent at any time. You are of course, very welcome to return to us whenever you choose.

Power Robbins are proud to be a competitive friendly service with focused staff to ensure you receive the best service at the lowest cost, so `if you know what you want, why pay more?

Please ensure you read our full terms and conditions, as well as those for your investment and read our leaflet `about our service’ to ensure you enclose the right information including our signed investment agreement.  Please ask us to send you all the relevant information for your investment and our general investor pack. Power Robbins have no hidden charges or penalties of any kind and you are always free to seek professional advice elsewhere should you need it.  We cannot accept any liability for links to external websites, please read our website terms and conditions.  E&OE