Why appoint Power Robbins as your agent? – Receive a cash back every year under our rewards scheme.

Power Robbins provide a very competitive, efficient, prompt and personal service at all times alongside market leading discounts. Our background as financial advisers means we have an excellent grounding and understanding of what our clients want. We appreciate that everyone is an individual so we must be flexible.

We do not force you to trade online but we do have this option via the platforms.

We have no hidden extra costs for helping you get copy correspondence valuations company literature, applications and fund factsheets, in fact we will obtain anything we can in order to help you advise yourself and manage your investments.

Agency Transfers

If you are not receiving advice on investments and wish to transfer these to Power Robbins we will do three things:-

  • Share any renewal / annual trail commission EVERY YEAR that might be payable on a 60/40 split in your favour for old style commission included units.
  • For the new clean style of units via fund markets, we charge the lowest possible service charge we can – normally between 0.1% (paperless) and 0.2% depending on the service you require
  • We do not charge any extra admin fees for sending letters, valuations or helping with information on your investments at your request eg. Fund factsheets.

You will NOT have any contract terms – it’s simple; for as long as as your investment is in our agency and if it pays renewal then we will share it with you.

For fund market servicing fees, the same is applicable; for as long as it’s with Power Robbins you will pay servicing fees via the fund market to us as mentioned above in point 2.

We can ONLY do this on AGENCY transfers as we have not been involved in the initial application processing and therefore our costs are lower.

Please see some examples below:-

Investments  held directly with the fund manager in commission included units:-

For example Invesco Perpetual

The funds standard Annual Management Charge is often 1.5% , we (in many cases) receive 0.5% and we share this with you on a 60/40 split meaning you will receive 0.3% of the Annual Management Charge (AMC).  Let us give you more detail in general terms.

£10,000 x 1.5% AMC = £50 pa (annual renewal or trail commission paid to Power Robbins)
We pay you £30 (60%) and Power Robbins retains £20 (40%) on agency transfers.

£100,000 x 1.5% AMC = £500 pa
We pay you £300 (60%) and Power Robbins retains (40%) on agency transfers


We normally offer agency transfers at a very low rate of 0.1% servicing fee (our normal rate is 0.2%).
For £10,000 invested our service fee would be 0.1% ie £10 per annum
For £100,000 invested our service fee would be 0.1% ie. £100


We normally offer agency transfers at a very low rate of 0.1% servicing fee (our normal rate is 0.2%).
For £10,000 invested our service fee would be 0.1% ie £10 per annum
For £100,000 invested our service fee would be 0.1% ie. £100

Why are we different?

We have high levels of personal customer service without the increased costs. Many companies reduce their level of service or ask customers to pay for it, we are the opposite. We will always provide a high level of service on execution only, at very competitive discounts. As long as you don’t need advice, there’s little we won’t do to help obtain the information you need to manage your own investments.

We have over 25 years of experience in execution only, and we are continually updating our bespoke software to improve workflow efficiently whilst keeping our level of service.

Are there any penalties or contract terms?

No – that’s it – we don’t make any charges to join or leave us.

We do not charge to write letters, send copy correspondence or copy valuations. You are free to use our service for as long as you need, as long as you are execution only.  If, for example, in the future you decide to seek advice, you are free to change to another broker/agent at any time. You are, of course, very welcome to return to us whenever you choose.

So that’s us – very competitive, excellent and friendly service with continually trained staff to ensure you receive the best service at the lowest cost, so:-

If you know what you want, why pay more?
Request our agency transfer customer rewards pack today

Please ensure you read our full terms and conditions, as well as those for your investment and read our leaflet `about our service’ to ensure you enclose the right information including our signed investment agreement.  Please ask us to send you all the relevant information for your investment and our general investor pack. Power Robbins have no hidden charges or penalties of any kind and you are always free to seek professional advice elsewhere should you need it.  We cannot accept any liability for links to external websites, please read our website terms and conditions.  E&OE